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Women in Medicine and Science Program

The VCU Women in Medicine and Science program consists of the following five components. (See our flyer, “An Effective Model for Women in Medicine Programs” [PDF] for more information.)

  • The Women in Science, Dentistry, and Medicine Faculty Organization (WISDM) was established in 1992 and is led by its Executive Council. Its mission is to further professional goals of women physicians, dentists and scientists at VCU. Its goal is to advance opportunities for women leaders in the VCU family by promoting effective networking; fostering mentorship between students, residents and faculty; stimulating fruitful research and collaborations; and working cooperatively to change organizational culture and break down stereotypes.
  • The School of Medicine Committee on the Status of Women and Minorities, reinstituted in May 1995, serves as a resource to the Dean regarding the progress of women and minorities in the achievement of their full potential within the School of Medicine. The committee conducts assessments and recommends the amelioration of such factors as recruitment and retention, promotion and tenure, salary equity, committee representation, involvement and participation of departmental chairs that influence women’s and minorities’ career attainment.
  • The Women in Medicine Student Organization is actively involved with the faculty organization and also runs, with faculty sponsorhip, a full calendar of its own activities.
  • Women in Science (WIS), created in 2006, serves graduate students and other trainees involved in scientific research.
  • The Steering Committee manages strategic planning for the program as a whole.
  • The Associate Dean for Professional Instruction and Faculty Development represents women’s issues under the auspices of the Dean.

A hallmark of the program is the annual Leadership Conference which has grown to a nationally recognized program between VCU Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and the VCU Health System.

The School’s Women in Medicine Program received the AAMC 2000 Leadership Development Award in recognition for its institutional commitment to helping women realize their potential and to improving the environment for women in academic medicine.