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Student Affairs

Medical Student Organizations

The Office of Student Affairs provides oversight to more than 50 medical student organizations, from the Women in Medicine Student Organization to the Cardiology Interest Group to everything in between.

Register a Student Organization

All student organizations must register with the Office of Student Affairs. This not only recognizes that the organization has agreed to abide by the VCU School of Medicine’s guidelines, but also makes the organization eligible to apply for funding through the Medical Student Government.

Find a Student Organization

Search the A to Z index below to find a specific VCU School of Medicine student organizations.

This list is updated annually after the September 30 registration deadline for currently established student organizations.

New or reactived oganizations may submit student organization registration forms anytime during the academic year. These organizations will be added to the list once the request has been processed and approved.


Allies, Loved ones, significant others (ALSO) at MCV

Purpose: To create support relationships among spouses, significant others, and anyone else close to a medical school student.
E-mail: alsoatmcv@gmail.com
President: Phil Griffith
Treasurer: Timur Korshin

AMA Medical Student Chapter

Purpose: To inform students about status of AMA nationally and current state of health care.
E-mail: amavcu@gmail.com
President: Sheela Damle
Co-President: Emily Onufer

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Web site: www.amsa.org
Purpose: Support medical students on their endeavor to pursue medicine.
E-mail: kimhs5@vcu.edu
President: Hannah Kim
Treasurer: Ailene Dumo

Anesthesia Interest Group (AIG)

Web site: www.studentorg.vcu.edu/soaig
Purpose: To inform medical students about the field of anesthesia.
E-mail: hubbardrm@vcu.edu
President: Richard Hubbard
Treasurer: Charle Vu
Faculty advisor: Robert Kravetz, M.D.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association

Purpose: To address issues important to Asian American medical students and to address health issues by serving the local community.
E-mail: vcu.apamsa@gmail.com
President: Darryl Chang
Co-President: Hannah Kim
Faculty advisor: Christine Huynh, M.D.



Christian Medical and Dental association

Web site: www.cmdarichmond.org
Purpose: To glorify God by motivating, educating, and equipping Christian doctors and students.
E-mail: klimaviczc@vcu.edu
President: Caitlin Klimavicz
Co-President: Hannah Gardner
Faculty advisor: John Pierce, M.D.

Class of 2014

Purpose: Student government for the class of 2014.
E-mail: 2014mcv@gmail.com
President: Priya Venugopal
Treasurer: Barrett Kenny
Faculty advisor: Linda Costanzo, Ph.D.

Class of 2015

Purpose: Support the efforts of the members of the class of 2015.
E-mail: mcv.2015@gmail.com
President: Christopher Ray
Treasurer: Hanjoo Lee
Faculty advisor: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.

Class of 2016

Purpose: To raise funds and plan social functions for the members of the School of Medicine Class of 2016.
E-mail: vcusom2016@gmail.com
President: Peter Ghamamrian
Treasurer: Shruthi Vijayalakshmi
Faculty advisor: Isaac K. Wood, M.D.

CLub med

Purpose: To foster professional growth and career development of the medical students at VCU.
E-mail: clubmed.mcv@gmail.com
President: Nicole Vissichelli
Co-President: Parth Saraiya
Treasurer: Parth Saraiya
Faculty advisor: Stephanie Call, M.D.

Cross Over Clinic

Web site: www.crossoverministry.org
Purpose: To provide free health care to the uninsured in Richmond.
E-mail: changda@vcu.edu
President: Darryl Chang
Co-President: Michael Wilber


David Hume Surgical Society

Purpose: To educate VCU medical students about surgery and surgical subspecialties.
E-mail: vcu.dhss@gmail.com
President: Glenn Lee
Co-Presidents: Sagar Shah, Scott Toney

Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology Interest Group

Purpose: To encourage student interest in radiology, and to provide opportunities to learn about career options in the field.
E-mail: mcvrads@gmail.com
President: Darryl Chang
V-President: Kent Vu
Treasurer: Thomas Carraway
Faculty advisor: Malcolm K Sydnor, M.D.


Embajadores de salud

Purpose: To promote active Spanish learning and cultural awareness among future health care providers.
E-mail: MCVembajadoresdesalud@gmail.com
President: Jeff Graham
Co-Presidents: Irvin Phillips, Supraja Rajagopalan
Treasurer: Supraja Rajagopalan
Faculty advisor: Christopher Woleben, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Student Association (EMSA)

Purpose: To cultivate interest in and increase knoweledge about a career in emergency medicine, with emphasis on learning skills, to assist with our current academic and clinical skills.
E-mail: VCU.EMSA@gmail.com
President: Danielle Kania
Co-President: Barbara Saber
Treasurer: Barbara Saber
Faculty advisor: Francis Chuidian, M.D.

ent student interest group

Purpose: To educate and promote the field of ENT
E-mail: kimmy5@vcu.edu
President: Danica Kim
Treasurer: Danica Kim



Gilpin court health outreach program

Purpose: To provide an after school youth club, involving games, activities, health education, and a healthy meal.
E-mail: shabbdw@vcu.edu
President: Duncan Shabb
Treasurer: Geoff Bader


Health and healthcare disparities interest group

Purpose: To engage students in eliminating disparities, and to develop leadership skills in reducing healthcare disparities.
E-mail: mcv.hcd@gmail.com
President: Andrew Long
Co-President: Rachel Miller
Treasurer: Jerrine Morris
Faculty advisor: Wally Smith, M.D.

Heme-Onc student organization

Purpose: To raise awareness of the fields of hematology and oncology among medical students.
E-mail: mcvhemeonc@gmail.com
President: John Harwood Scott
Co-Presidents: David Asher, Tom Catron
Treasurer: John Harwood Scott
Faculty advisor: Laurie Lyckholm, M.D.


Infectious Diseases Interest Group

Purpose: To educate student about infectious disease medicine, and expose them to clinical experiences in the department.
E-mail: mcv.idig@gmail.com
President: Nina Olsen
Treasurer: Rebecca Ochs-Mercer
Faculty advisor: Michael Stevens, M.D., M.P.H.

injury & violence Prevention programs

Web site: www.ivpp.vcu.edu
Purpose: To bring awareness to MCV student body regarding injury & violence, and provide resources for students to participate in community outreach.
E-mail: berriejl@vcu.edu
President: Jennifer Berrie
Co-President: Melissa Cummings
Treasurers: Jennifer Berrie, Melissa Cummings
Faculty advisor: Michel Aboutanos, M.D.

International trauma system development program

Purpose: To provide data analysis and collaborative education to improve global trauma care.
E-mail: itsdpstudents@gmail.com
President: Ben Graboyes
V-Presidents: Ben Whitehouse, Maya Iyengar
Faculty advisor: Michel Aboutanos, M.D.


jewish association of medical students (jams)

Purpose: To facilitate discussion about Jewish medical ethical issues via lunch lectures and other forums.
E-mail: gordonsa2@vcu.edu
President: Steven Gordon
V-President: Rebecca Ochs-Mercer
Treasurers: Larry Istrail, Valerie Tulbovich
Faculty advisor: Deborah Lebman, Ph.D.




MCV Dermatology Interest Group (Dig)

Purpose: To enhance student interested in dermatology, promote teaching proper sun safety.
E-mail: mcv.dig@gmail.com
President: Sharon Yu
Co-President: Padma Chitnavis
Faculty advisor: Ian Maher, M.D.

MCV fan free

Purpose: To provide medical students clinic at Fan Free Clinic.
E-mail: mcvfanfree@gmail.com
President: Lauren Clifford
Treasurer: Mohamed T. Hassanein
Faculty advisor: Alan Dow, M.D.

mcv Health Collective

Purpose: To promote awareness of and advocate for LGBTQI issues in health care.
E-mail: LGBTQIVCU@gmail.com
President: Courtney Saw
Treasurer: Eurica Chang
Faculty advisor: Chris Woleben, M.D.

medical-Legal partnership of Richmond (Mlp-r)

Purpose: MLP-R aims to eliminate barriers to healthcare by addressing social determinants of health and legal issues to better provide for the Richmond community.
E-mail: mlprichmond@gmail.com
President: Hannah Kim
Co-Presidents: Pamela Palma, Eurica Chang
Faculty advisor: Sean McKenna, M.D.

Medical Students against right-brain atrophy

Purpose: To promote creativity in a world of analytic thought.
E-mail: alisf3@vcu.edu
President: Shaheen Ali
Treasurer: Kymia Khosrowani

Medical Students for Choice

Purpose: To educate medical students about all reproductive health choices.
E-mail: msfc.vcu@gmail.com
President: Jerrine Morris
Treasurer: Kara Rothenberg
Faculty advisor: Joseph Borzelleca, M.D.

Military Medical Student Association

Purpose: To connect military medical students and faculty, and share the contribution of military medcine with all medical students.
E-mail: vcummsa@gmail.com
President: Scott Toney
Co-President Jennifer Berrie

Msg social affairs / big Buddy - little buddy

Purpose: To provide social activities for medical students and to pair up M1 and M2 students as buddies.
E-mail: medstudentgovernment@gmail.com
President: Marie Moorman
Treasurer: Marie Moorman



Ob/Gyn Student Interest Group

Purpose: To promote women's health awareness and obstetrics and gynecology as a career path to future physicians.
E-mail: vcu.obgyn.sig@gmail.com
President: Erika New
Treasurer: Jerrine Morris
Faculty advisor: Fidelma Rigby, M.D.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Purpose: To generate interest in the field of ophthalmology, organize speakers and shadowing, and assist those who plan to pursue a career in the field.
E-mail: ohlhausenkm@vcu.edu
President: Katherine Ohlhausen

Orthopedic student Interest Group

Purpose: To promote interest in orthopedics as a specialty.
E-mail: mcv.osig@gmail.com
President: Ben Whitehouse
Co-President: Jennifer Berrie
Treasurers: Ben Whitehouse, Jennifer Berrie


Pathology Club

Web site: www.pathology.vcu.edu/education/clubarchive.html
Purpose: To introduce students to the field of pathology as a medical specialty, and to the VCU pathology faculty.
E-mail: vcupathclub@gmail.com
President: Maya Iyengar
Co-President: Sean Brodie
Treasurers: Maya Iyengar, Sean Brodie
Faculty advisor: Kimberly Sanford, M.D.

Patient safety Interest Group

Purpose: To educate medical and allied health students about improving patient safety at VCU.
E-mail: ptsafety.mcv@gmail.com
President: Eric King
Co-President: Alison Setia
Treasurers: Erika New, Caitlin Klimavicz
Faculty advisor: Alan Dow, M.D.

Pediatric Interest Group

Purpose: To give medical students opportunities to learn about the field of pediatrics and the various sub-specialties.
E-mail: vcusompig@gmail.com
President: Adam Rossi
Co-Presidents: Lauren Clifford, Emily Onufer
Faculty advisor: Bruce Rubin, M.D.

Physicians for a national health program

Web site: www.pnhp.org
Purpose: Inform medical students of the need for comprehensive and publicly-funded healthcare program.
E-mail: rajagopalasj@vcu.edu
President: Supraja Rajagopalan
Treasurer: Victoria Powell
Faculty advisor: Susan Miller, M.D.

Physicians for peace student group

Purpose: To enhance the global health interests of the MCV community.
E-mail: mcvpfp@gmail.com
President: Sali Maikarfi
Treasurer: Emmagene Worley
Faculty advisor: Chris Woleben, M.D.

Pm&R Student interest group

Purpose: To expose medical students to the specialty of PM&R.
E-mail: innesmb@vcu.edu
President: Matt Innes
Treasurer: Christopher Lynch
Faculty advisor: William McKinley, M.D.

Public health interest group

Purpose: To increase awareness and interest in Public Health areas within the medical student population.
E-mail: connorem@vcu.edu
President: Erin Connor
Treasurer: Emilija Florance
Faculty advisor: Lisa Anderson, M.P.H.



Rural education and community health 4 ghana (reach 4 Ghana)

Web site: www.reach4ghana.org
Purpose: To improve the health and well-being of rural Ghanaians through compassionate medical care, effective public health education and collaborative community development initiatives.
E-mail: reach4ghana@gmail.com
President: Zachary MCdowell
Treasurer: Lynellen Gregory
Faculty advisor: Victor Agbeibor, M.D.


Sports Medicine Student Interest Group

Purpose: To expose medical students to the specialty of sports medicine.
E-mail: thompsonle5@vcu.edu
President: Lauren THompson
V-President: Marie Moorman
Treasurer: Rohit Choudhary
Faculty advisor: Mark Petrizzi, M.D.

Student family medicine association

Purpose: To disseminate information about, and encourage interest in the field of family medicine through lunch lectures, workshops and conferences.
E-mail: vcusfma@gmail.com
President: Emilija Florance
Treasurer: Eurica Chang
Faculty advisor: Judy Gary

Student Interest Group in neurology (sign)

Purpose: To foster interest in neurology and support opportunities for medical students to develop a career in neurology.
E-mail: mcvsign@gmail.com
President: Nicole Yin
Treasurer: Mackenzie Lind
Faculty advisor: Scott Vota, M.D.

Students making it a little easier (SMILE)

Purpose: To provide mentors for pedriatric oncology/hematology patients, to bring a smile to their faces.
E-mail: smile.mcv@gmail.com
President: Danielle Kania
Co-President: Shivani Pathak
Faculty advisor: Katie Barber

Student National Medical Association

Purpose: Address the concerns of under-represented students in medical school and support the needs of the underserved in the surrounding community.
E-mail: vcu@snma.org or greenmm@vcu.edu
President: Maya Green
Treasurer: Timothy Boone
Faculty advisor: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.

Student Psychiatry Society

Purpose: Psychiatry interest group
E-mail: mcv.sps@gmail.com
President: Courtney Saw
Treasurer: Mackenzie Lind
Faculty advisor: Rashida Gray, M.D.

Students with a goal (s.w.a.g.)

Purpose: To educate and promote awareness of the advantages of higher education among Richmond city youth.
E-mail: golas2@vcu.edu
President: Sparsh Gola
Treasurer: Nitin Tiwari


The healing eagle clinic

Purpose: To provide health care to the people of the Mattaponi Indian Reservation.
E-mail: piercekc@vcu.edu
President: Kathryn Pierce
Treasurer: Christopher Lynch

t.h.e. burn Society

Purpose: To increase students' knowledge and awareness in the arts of burn and plastic surgery.
E-mail: theburnstudents@gmail.com
President: Phillip Sholes
Treasurer: Jared Cummings
Faculty advisor: Michael J. Feldman, M.D.


Urology student interest group

Purpose: To expose medical students to the field of urology and provide them with shadowing and research opportunities.
E-mail: wadegm@vc.edu
President: Gregory Wade
Treasurer: Jeff Browning



Women in Medicine Student Organization (wimso)

Purpose: To promote women in medicine and discussion of women's health topics.
E-mail: mcvwimso@gmail.com
President: Siri Grandhe
Treasurer: Vivian Win
Faculty advisor: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.



yoga immersion and medicine

Purpose: Educate students about the anatomy and physiology of yoga, its impact on health and some clinical applications of yoga therapy.
E-mail: yim.mcv@gmail.com
President: Katherine Blanche
Treasurer: Eva Kwong
Faculty advisor: Mary Shall, PT, Ph.D.