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School of Medicine Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Medical Center

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers
in Women’s Health (BIRCWH)

Application Process

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The VCU BIRCWH Program accepts applications from junior faculty who are interested in participating in this training program.

Applicants for the BIRCWH program must submit:

  1. Completed application cover sheet
  2. One–page cover letter detailing career goals and how the BIRCWH program will contribute to those goals
  3. Two–page research proposal (plus references), 12 point font, 3/4" margins, including objectives, rationale, methods and one paragraph on significance to women’s health
  4. Proposed mentor(s), if known
  5. Current NIH Bio Sketch
  6. Letter from department chair, with commitment to protect 75 percent of scholar’s time toward BIRCWH, cosigned by division chief, if appropriate, and indicating provision of space needed to complete project
  7. Three letters of support from people who can attest to the applicant’s interest in and passion for research. One of these letters may be from the applicant’s potential mentor, if the mentor has been selected at this early stage.

The BIRCWH program may have periodic openings. Contact Deborah Weir to learn if applications are being accepted.

Proposals should be sent electronically as a PDF and one hard copy to:

Deborah L. Weir
Executive Secretary
School of Medicine
BOX 980565
1101 East Marshall Street, Sanger Hall
Phone: 804-828-9788
E-mail: dlweir@vcu.edu

Review Criteria

  1. Potential of the applicant for a successful research career in women’s health.
    1. Importance of the research proposal
    2. Likelihood of obtaining subsequent funding
  2. Impact of BIRCWH program on career goals
  3. Additional considerations to ensure a diverse pool of Interdisciplinary Women’s Health Research Scholars

Opportunities to participate in the BIRCWH program are limited, and candidates may be interviewed prior to final selection.