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VCU physician, a diehard cycling fan, subs as race starter for the Worlds

A family legacy: Inspired by their parents, five siblings choose the VCU School of Medicine as their starting point toward a lifetime of helping others

Neurosurgery resident Lisa Feldman named to prestigious William P. Van Wagenen Fellowship

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Welcome to the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals at Virginia Commonwealth University/VCUHS. Each year we welcome over 200 residents as new members to our housestaff team in all medical specialty areas. At MCVH/VCUHS, you will be a member of the Healthcare team that is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of our patients’ medical problems.

Often, you will be the first physician or dentist that many of our patients will see and, as such, you will be representing VCUHS to your patients. The high quality of medical care that you provide to each of your patients will reinforce the national reputation that MCV Hospitals has for excellence. It is this excellence that encourages you and your colleagues to select our medical or dental school and hospitals for your graduate medical or dental education. We are pleased that you are here and want to thank you for choosing our institution. We also want to express our appreciation in advance for all of your work in the treatment and care of the sick while at MCV Hospitals/VCUHS. This is felt on behalf of the patients, your colleagues, faculty and administration.

We are available to help you make this a very productive and beneficial year in your medical training.


12th & Marshall: Spring 2015