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Admissions Committee


Full information on the purpose/goals/policy is available in the Procedures and Guidelines document available in the Admissions Office.


The Admissions Committee’s charge is to review, interview, and recruit the most talented students for the medical school class each year utilizing a holistic review process.


To develop a diverse, talented student body appropriate to the study and practice of medicine.


Each committee member is required to attend the Committee meeting which is every Monday from 12:00 noon until 3:00 p.m. from August until March of each year. It is especially important to attend meetings the week after an interview. Phone call-ins are permitted. In addition, all committee members complete from 50 to 100 reviews of applicant files, each of which takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Files are assigned to committee members in batches of six which are to be returned to the Admissions Office within a week. Each committee member also must interview candidates; usually members conduct two or three 45 minute interviews per week during the interview season. Committee members may choose to only perform interviews or complete file reviews.

Procedures for Nomination

The Chair of the Admissions Committee and the Associate Dean of Admissions nominate candidates who have the personal and professional qualifications to represent the school. Interested faculty are welcome to self-identify to the Associate Dean if they have a high level of interest in participating in the committee. Retired and practicing alumni are also considered.

Procedures for Appointment

The Dean either approves or disapproves the nominations from the Chair and Associate Dean of Admissions and the appointment letter is then sent from the Admissions Office.

Membership and Term

The membership is at the discretion of the Dean and the terms are not limited. Most faculty request replacement after several years because of the time commitment necessary for service on this committee. Currently, most members are senior faculty because of the time intensive nature of the committee.

Committee Documents

Committee Documents


Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.
Box 980565
McGlothlin Medical Education Center
1st Floor, Suite 200
Phone: 804-828-9629

(No direct contact is allowed with committee members.)