Faculty Mentoring Guide

Table of Contents

Mentoring Past, Present and Future
Suggestions for Mentors: "Why be a Mentor?"
Characteristics of a Mentor
Finding a Mentee
Mentor's Checklist
Suggestions for Mentees: "Do I Need a Mentor?"
Characteristics of a Mentee
Alternatives to Traditional Mentoring
Evaluating the Relationship
Getting Started – A Primer for Departments, Divisions, Mentors, and Mentees
National Trends in Mentoring
Trends in Research Mentoring
Trends in Mentoring at the VCU School of Medicine
In Conclusion
References and Additional Resources
Appendix A: Assessment Forms
Appendix B: Department of Internal Medicine Mentoring Survey
Appendix C: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Mentoring Guide Subsection
Appendix D: To Get a Copy of this Guide

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