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School of Medicine Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Medical School

Types of CME Offerings

Clinical Refreshers

Clinical Refreshers, or Individual Learning Contracts (ILCs), are short term tutorials with a specified, individualized duration—usually of one day to two weeks duration. Each Clinical Refresher takes place in the medical school and the VCU Health System’s MCV Hospitals. The understanding of skills to be attained is specified in an Individual Learning Contract [Word], developed between the visiting physician-learner and a selected faculty member. Learning opportunities may include working rounds and teaching rounds with house staff and attending physicians, ward experience, observation and didactic sessions. The VCU Library is available to physicians who participate.

For further information regarding Clinical Refreshers please contact: John R. Boothby, Director, Continuing Medical Education [E-mail]: jrboothb@vcu.edu or phone at 804-828-5410 or 800-413-2872.