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Investigator Training

Letterhead The university has put in place several required trainings, both online and in person, that are a part of the PI’s responsibilities in conducting sponsored research at VCU. Some of these trainings are mandated at the federal level, while others are specific to sponsored research administration at the university.

VCU mandatory training for PIs and research administration staff

The Office of Research and the Office of Finance and Administration, with the support of VCU’s senior administration, have developed mandatory training programs in sponsored project compliance and effort certification to increase awareness and accountability and to reduce risk to the university. All principal investigators, investigators and VCU staff who are involved in sponsored projects or manage funds in sponsored project accounts are required to complete this training program.

After May 31, 2012, new awards will not be processed until the required training is completed. New PIs will also be required to take the training before an award will be processed by the Office of Research. Proposals will continue to be processed without delay.

The training programs are available on Blackboard and should take approximately one hour each to complete. To access the program, go to the VCU home page, click on Blackboard and log in using your VCU eID. Once in Blackboard, click on the “Courses” tab and select “School Required Training for PIs, Researchers and Administrators.” Select the tab that best defines your role; for example, “Investigator Training” or “Administrator Training.”

Human subjects research

Required human subjects education from the Office of Research – VCU requires Collaborative Investigator Training Initiative (CITI) training for all investigators and other key personnel. There is an initial “Basic CITI” training required for new investigators, research staff and those new to VCU, and a “Refresher CITI” course that must be taken every two years.

Controlled substances in research

The VCU Office of Research requires all individuals involved in the use of controlled substances to complete training prior to handling any controlled substance. You can learn more about the online trainings that are required at the Office of Research's website on controlled substance use in research.

NIH Fellowship Submissions

An overview of the NIH Fellowship Submission process in three parts: Funding Proposal, Budget, and SF424. Additional tips and instructions are provided in the NIH Fellowship Submission One Page Guide.

Part 1: Funding Proposal

Part 2: Primary Budget

Part 3: SF-424

NIH Fellowship Submission One Page Guide