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School of Medicine


The School of Medicine Office of Research Administration is located in Sanger Hall, room 1-043.

Looking for a research administrator in one of the SOM departments, centers, or institutes? Download the Research Administrator Contact List.

Need guidance on obtaining review and signature through SOM Research Administration? ‌‌‌‌‌Download our guide to gathering signatures.

Have a proposal to submit or proposal-related question?  Email SOMPROPOSALS@vcuhealth.org.

Tricia Gibson, MS, CRA, CCRP
Executive Director for Research Administration
Phone: (804) 828-9275
Fax: (804) 828-7628
Email: Tricia.Gibson@vcuhealth.org

Research Administration Shared Services


Clinical Research


Business Operations


Candice Weber, MA, CRA
Associate Director for Research Administration
& Training
Phone: (804) 628-0065
Email: Candice.Weber@vcuhealth.org

Cindy Naret
Associate Director for Clinical Research Administration & Operations
Phone: (804) 628-3010
Email: Cindy.Naret@vcuhealth.org

Margaret Phillips, MBA, CRA, CCRP
Associate Director for Business Operations
Phone: (804) 628-6285
Email: Margaret.Phillips@vcuhealth.org

Kaye Mangus, MBA, CRA
Research Administrator
Phone: (804) 628-4159
Email: Valerie.Pioquinto@vcuhealth.org
Elham Almousa
Manager of Clinical Research Administration
and Billing Compliance
Phone: (804) 827-3913
Email: Elham.Almousa@vcuhealth.org
Angela Hernandez
Senior Research Administrator
Phone: (804) 628-3441
Email: Angela.Hernandez-Guerrero@vcuhealth.org

Trae Harris
Research Administrator
Phone: (804) 628-4630
Email: Trae.Harris@vcuhealth.org

Marjorie Halverson, RN, OCN, CCRP
Sr. Clinical Research Program Specialist
Phone: (804) 828-1902
Email: Marjorie.Halverson@vcuhealth.org
Cristy Hendren
Financial Specialist
Phone: (804) 827-1638
Email: Cristy.Hendren@vcuhealth.org

Kate Leonard, MA, CRA
Research Administrator
Phone: (804) 628-1088
Email: Kathryn.Leonard@vcuhealth.org

Letitia Rivers, CCRP, OnCore™ Certified
Protocol and Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: (804) 628-3272
Email: Letitia.Rivers@vcuhealth.org

Chuck Redden
Business Manager
Phone: (804) 827-0510
Email: Charles.Redden@vcuhealth.org

Julie Tremblay
Research Administrator
Phone: (804) 828-5937
Email: Julie.Tremblay@vcuhealth.org

Joshua Dickerson, OnCore™ Certified
Clinical Research Analyst
Phone: (804) 628-4856
Email: Joshua.Dickerson@vcuhealth.org
Megan O'Hare
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (804) 628-1606
Email: Megan.OHare@vcuhealth.org
  Carolyn Frey, CCRP
Clinical Research Activation Coordinator
Phone: (804) 828-6602
Email: Carolyn.Frey@vcuhealth.org