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School of Medicine

Space management

The VCU School of Medicine Office of Design and Project Management (ODPM) oversees more than 883,000 school space on campus, in addition to over 26,000 square feet of leased space.

The ODPM also manages and maintains the School of Medicine’s space data through FMDesktop and the Research Space Management System (RSMS) database. Through these programs, ODPM tracks the assignment of research space in a grant-dollars-per-square-foot format.

Assignment of space to medical school departments is made by the Dean, who serves as final arbiter for space assignments within the School of Medicine. Research space assignments are not permanent. Space is assigned to departments, not owned by its occupants. Extramurally-funded sponsored research is given the highest priority for assignment of research laboratory and research-related space.

To request space from the School of Medicine, please fill out this form.